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High quality at friendly prices doesn't always have to mean little choice! Joyroom is an established brand that provides hundreds of accessories for phones, tablets and smartwatches to millions of users around the world. The manufacturer focuses on interesting details, solid materials and perfect workmanship with all safety requirements. Powerbanks, car holders and chargers, charging and data cables or protective cases and glasses.... Joyroom is a great choice for everyone. See what we have for you in the store!

Joyroom powerbanks. Power in your hand

The no. 1 product in the Joyroom offer is definitely powerbanks. With them you can power the battery of your smartphone, tablet or wireless headphones anywhere: at work, on public transportation, during a trip or meeting with friends. You won't be afraid of power shortages either!

Joyroom powerbanks come in a variety of capacities: from 10000 mAh to even 30000 mAh. They have USB, USB C (for powering external devices) and micro USB (for charging the powerbank itself) ports. As an added bonus, they have fast charging protocols that reduce power time. Importantly, the prices of Joyroom powerbanks are very attractive. They start at less than PLN 100. Models with the highest specifications usually "close" in 200 PLN.

Do you drive a car? Joyroom car chargers and holders are something for you

Joyroom has become a recognizable brand on the market with a variety of car accessories. Joyroom's most sought-after solutions are practical and elegant car phone holders. These are durable gadgets that will hold your phone solidly on bumpy roads. Joyroom offers many types of car chargers: gravity, magnetic, wireless or automatic. You can choose not only from the ways to hold your phone, but also the mounting methods. Joyroom manufactures mounts for the windshield, cockpit, air vents, and even for a cup seat.

Or maybe you are looking for a car charger? Joyroom has something for you in this category as well. Fast chargers with Power Delivery, Quick Charge, AFC, FCP technologies? They are! Chargers with several connectors, including USB and USB C? In place! How about a charger with a built-in 1.5-meter cable or wireless in the form of a holder? Joyroom has them all. Interestingly, car chargers and car holders are already recognized enough that technology influencers are writing and talking about them. See for yourself, too, that Joyroom is a great choice!

Charging cables for your phone, tablet.... Only from Joyroom

A big part of Joyroom's product range are phone cables and tablet cables. The brand has a really wide range of types of connectors: from the most popular USB C, Lightning and USB starting, to more advanced ones like USB B or HDMI. What sets Joyroom cables apart from the competition is their build quality. All connectors have been additionally reinforced so that they do not break off in the most frequently bent places. The cables' braids have also been made of strong materials that maintain durability and flexibility. The cables also come in various lengths - from 25 cm to as long as 3 meters.

Joyroom cables are also distinguished by their ingenuity. For example, the brand has a USB - Lightning cable with fast charging and a smart switch. For this, the Liquid Silicone series has a very flexible, soft silicone braid, which allows you to bend the cable in any direction.

Joyroom phone accessories: beautiful cases and strong glasses

When you choose Joyroom accessories, you are assured that they will be fully compatible with your device. Looking for a secure, strong phone case? Joyroom! Want to match your smartphone with a durable, responsive phone tempered glass? Joyroom! This brand does not compromise and offers only accessories that meet high quality requirements. Among the smartphone covers, it is worth mentioning such series as the 14Q Case with metallic frame and Magnetic Defender with stand. Both are distinguished by their ability to withstand the effects of falls, and offer out-of-the-box solutions.

Talking about Joyroom, it is impossible not to mention its wide range of tempered glass. Its best-known product is the Joyroom Knight series, which comes in many versions. You can choose a privatization glass or Anti-Blue Light blue-light blocking glass for your iPhone. Among other things, the brand is also famous for its Joyroom Easy Fit series, which includes glasses with a special mounting kit. This package allows safe and completely hassle-free installation of glass at home.

Learn more about the Joyroom brand

The Joyroom brand was established back in 2009. From the very beginning it focused on producing mobile devices and accessories that respond to technological trends. Specialists of the Joyroom brand are simply passionate about electronics!

Take a look at the brand's logo. Do you see the number 1 hidden in it? This is exactly how Joyroom designers see their place in the technological world - they want to be number one in the global market. They perfectly reflect this in their products. Electronic gadgets always have a lot of functions, GSM accessories are made of high-quality materials, and on top of that all products are packed in really elegant and strong boxes. You will see this when you take any Joyroom product in hand. store is waiting for your orders! Or maybe you have a question? Let us help you choose the perfect Joyroom product for you.

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