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Classic, wireless or solar chargers from Choetech? The distributor in Poland offers a range of the most popular ones. Take a look at the offer below and see how to take care of your customers. The accessories - packaged in elegant boxes - will look great on displays and shelves.

Choetech car air vent clip clamp black (H066)
EAN: 6932112103703
4,47 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
 >100 pcs.
- +
Choetech H067 adjustable bicycle holder - black
EAN: 6932112104243
  • Black
  • Gray
11,74 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
 >100 pcs.
- +
Choetech charger 20W USB Type C (PD5010)
EAN: 6932112101938
9,41 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
 >100 pcs.
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Can the sun power chargers? Solar solutions are a sales hit

When hiking, camping, caravanning - today a phone, tablet or pair of headphones must be ready for use in any situation. With help rushes the Choetech brand and its bestseller: solar chargers. The name of this manufacturer comes from an abbreviation translated as "Choose Technology" (Choose Technology), and the experience built up since 2012 means that Choetech engineers, although they come from distant China, know perfectly how to hit the needs of a user from any corner of the world.

What kind of equipment are your customers looking for? Stationary chargers are very important

Chargers - both mains and car chargers - if convenient, quickly become a sales hit. Choetech has just such devices in its offer. A handy, elegant box completes the work and allows you to interestingly display products on store shelves.

For the car, chargers with a magnetic holder are extremely popular, as well as those that effectively support older models of smartphones. Adjustable arm or QuickCharge fast charging technology is already a complete standard. However, the technologists of the Choetech brand are well aware of how much comfort also matters at home or in office interiors. Everywhere there we are accompanied by equipment powered by electricity: from smartphones to headphones to tablets or smartwatches - so each of them requires power. Bet on Choetech chargers - and enjoy increased sales!

The heroes of the basic offer - Choetech USB cables. Wholesale Hurtel also has them

It is thanks to them that our chargers function, it is thanks to them that we efficiently and quickly transfer any data. Not surprisingly, one of the staples of the range of proposals are Choetech USB cables. Wholesale Hurtel is the place where you will find both them and other solutions to this manufacturer. Quality and elegant design make even such small items one of the main drivers of sales.

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