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Are your store visitors looking for natural leather accessories? We have something especially for them! Let's jointly prepare an offer for them with leather, handmade cases - also for headphones. We recommend you the iCarer brand, whose proposals you can browse on the following pages. Choose quality in a natural, timeless way.

See truly elegant smartphone cases. iCarer is an option for the discerning

A leather wallet, an equally elegant belt - this is the basis of a stylish outfit. Times are changing, and modern accessories, including an elegant smartphone case, are entering this base. iCarer is a world-renowned manufacturer that primarily offers such accessories. Its offer is also available at - take a look and select options for your buyers. Wondering where such beautiful smartphone cases come from? iCarer is a Chinese brand that traces its roots to the city of Shenzhen, the technological capital of the country. And its full name is iCarer Enterprise.

iCarer Accessories. Wholesaler Hurtel welcomes you

Phone cases or TWS headphones are a popular shopping destination for modern accessories. Being aware of this, it makes sense to also offer customers the accessories that the iCarer brand has created. Wholesale has them on its shelves and heartily recommends them for resale. They also offer wireless chargers, extra straps for Apple watches and key fobs for locators. The palette of possibilities is great, and the common denominator here is high quality and handcrafted and stylish design.

A leather case for AirPods? Supplier already in Poland

Wireless in-ear headphones are a very popular accessory. For this very reason, a leather case for AirPods is equally popular. The supplier of this type of accessory is already in Poland. A wide selection of colors and textures guarantees that everyone among the customers of modern accessory stores will find something just right for themselves.

Natural leather smartphone case - iCarer. Wholesale Hurtel invites you

A natural leather smartphone case is more than just an ordinary everyday trinket that protects a smartphone - this is the unofficial motto of the iCarer brand. Wholesale Hurtel adds that it is also a fashion accessory that complements an outfit. Leather cases come in both traditional browns and more modern color options. Precise cutouts, full compatibility with MagSafe are a guarantee that the natural leather smartphone case is an attractive component of the offer for resale.