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MagSafe - what is this technology? Why is Apple investing in it?

MagSafe - what is this technology? Why is Apple investing in it?

In today's smartphone world, convenience and innovation play a key role. This is where MagSafe comes in - a technology created by Apple that combines fast and wireless charging with the ability to attach a variety of accessories. What exactly is MagSafe? How does it work and what benefits does it bring to users of Apple devices? Learn more and discover the accessories that the MagSafe Revolution has brought to the market.

Wireless technology, magnetic connections and a wide selection of accessories make MagSafe an integral part of the user experience of Apple devices. With fast charging, compatible accessories and aesthetic design, MagSafe technology represents a significant step into the future of mobile technology. Learn how MagSafe accessories work, which Apple products are compatible, and why you should invest in MagSafe accessories.


Inductive charger compatible with MagSafe Baseus Swan WXTE000101

Inductive charger compatible with MagSafe Baseus Swan WXTE000101

MagSafe - what is it?

MagSafe technology is an innovative feature developed by Apple that introduces unique possibilities for charging and using mobile devices. Its main idea is to use magnets to ensure safe and fast charging and easy attachment of accessories.

The beginnings of the technology date back to 2006. Initially, the MagSafe concept was mainly intended for use in MacBook laptops as a unique way to connect the power supply. In the original version, the magnetic Apple MagSafe connector allowed for a safe and easy connection between the power supply and the laptop. Its advantage consisted in minimizing the risk of damage to the device: in the event of a sudden detachment of the power supply, the magnetic connector immediately broke the connection.

The mere introduction of MagSafe technology was not the end of its development. MagSafe technology became a key element of the Apple ecosystem when the company decided to introduce it to its iPhone smartphones. Nothing surprising in this - by introducing MagSafe fast wireless charging to smartphones, Apple also took care of the aesthetics and comfort of use.


Which Apple products are compatible with MagSafe technology?

MagSafe technology is available for a variety of iPhone models, meaning that iPhone users can enjoy fast and reliable charging without the need for cables. The use of MagSafe technology is not limited to iPhones. MagSafe devices on the market also include Apple Watch and AirPods.

Bewood Unique wood and resin MagSafe case

Bewood Unique wood and resin MagSafe case

iPhone models compatible with MagSafe:

AirPods MagSafe models:

Apple Watch models with MagSafe:

Magnetic MagSafe technology is built into all Apple Watch.


What are the MagSafe accessories for iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch available on the market?

With the introduction of MagSafe technology for iPhones in 2020, the era of MagSafe accessories for iPhone and other Apple devices has arrived. What accessories has Apple introduced to the plaster? Here are some examples.

MagSafe case for iPhones

When enumerating MagSafe products, it is impossible not to start with cases. These types of cases take many of the benefits of MagSafe: they combine aesthetics, functionality and support for wireless charging. Thanks to the built-in magnets, Apple MagSafe cases adhere perfectly to the back of the iPhone, ensuring a secure and secure attachment, for example to chargers or holders. So the devices are not only protected, but also ready to be charged at any time.

MagSafe cases are typically made of durable, quality materials such as flexible silicone, plastic, and leather. What distinguishes them is a magnet in the shape of a magnifying glass (circles with a lower vertical line). This distinctive magnet not only allows you to use the MagSafe charger for iPhone, but also to attach other MagSafe accessories, such as wallets and holders.

MagSafe case from the Silicone Case Magsafe series

MagSafe case from the Silicone Case Magsafe series

Cases that allow you to connect the MagSafe charger are available in a variety of colors and finishes, thanks to which the user can choose the option that best suits his taste. Often, the case retains a minimalist form so as not to overwhelm the original design of the iPhone.

MagSafe chargers for iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch

The main advantage of MagSafe inductive chargers is their ability to charge devices quickly and wirelessly. Thanks to the built-in magnets, the charger adheres perfectly to the iPhone or Apple Watch, which guarantees a stable connection and effective charging. MagSafe's maximum charging power ensures instant battery recharge, which is extremely useful in everyday use.

Wireless charger with MagSafe Nillkin MagSlim

Wireless charger with MagSafe Nillkin MagSlim

How does the MagSafe charger work? On the principle of inductive energy transfer using magnets. Placing the device on the MagSafe inductive charger causes the magnets built into the phone and the charger to precisely match each other. As soon as the power supply is connected to the socket, charging starts automatically. The MagSafe charger works not only at home - there are many versions mounted in the car. The MagSafe car charger usually comes in the form of a holder.

MagSafe car mounts

MagSafe accessories extend their use to other areas, such as travelling. MagSafe car holders allow easy mounting and use of the device while driving, while providing wireless power. It is an ideal solution for people who use GPS navigation and applications while traveling by car.

Car holder with MagSafe Joyroom JR-ZS295

Car holder with MagSafe Joyroom JR-ZS295

MagSafe powerbanks

MagSafe powerbanks are a unique proposition for people who need a portable power source. Thanks to the magnetic connection function, the MagSafe power banks adhere securely to the back of the iPhone, allowing you to charge anywhere, anytime. It is a convenient solution for those who often travel or work outside.

Powerbank 10000 mAh with MagSafe Duzzon W5

Powerbank 10000 mAh with MagSafe Duzzona W5

MagSafe stands

These are unique devices that allow you to hold and display your iPhone in a way that is both full visibility and wireless charging. For whom? For people using videoconferencing, watching movies or browsing recipes on the kitchen counter... MagSafe stands not only facilitate everyday activities, but also increase the comfort of using the iPhone.

MagSafe ESR Halolock Shift Magnetic Charger Stand

MagSafe ESR Halolock Shift Magnetic Charger Stand

MagSafe Wallet

A practical and stylish accessory that allows you to conveniently carry cards and documents. This is a great solution for those who value compactness and organization. The inside of a MagSafe wallet is typically divided into card slots and bill compartments. And the wallet's magnetic attachment makes it easy to detach it from your device when you don't need it, or clip it back on when you need to.

MagSafe Spigen Valentinus MagSafe Magnetic Wallet

MagSafe Spigen Valentinus MagSafe Magnetic Wallet

Why should you choose accessories with the MagSafe function when you have an Apple device?

The benefits of choosing MagSafe accessories are many. MagSafe wireless technology not only provides convenient and fast charging, but also allows you to easily attach various accessories, such as MagSafe cases and holders. Built-in MagSafe magnets ensure a firm and secure connection between your device and accessory, eliminating the risk of accidental disconnection.

In addition, by choosing the available MagSafe accessories, users can be sure that they are perfectly matched to their devices, which affects the aesthetics and functionality. It is also an ecosystem that grows with new Apple products.

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