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Wireless chargers

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Inductive chargers, also known as wireless chargers, are an increasingly popular solution. All you have to do is put your phone or wireless headphones on them and.... done! The convenience and comfort are unmatchable. See what inductive chargers we have prepared for you in the store. You will find chargers for your home and car.

Wireless chargers. A novelty worth knowing

Electricity is essential nowadays - almost every equipment needs electricity to work. However, a damaged cable or a damaged plug need not be a problem. There are inductive chargers!

How does an inductive charger work? The principle of operation is based on two coils: transmitting and receiving. The first produces an inductive field, the second induces voltage in the phone itself. The transmitter in the equipment to be charged converts the alternating current into direct current, which ensures that the battery is charged. For the record: a wireless charger is not completely cable-free. The transmitting station must be connected to electricity. On the other hand, the phone itself just needs to be placed on the board of the transmitting station.

Standards of inductive chargers

A wireless charger can use two standards: Qi or PMA. The latter is most commonly used in Samsung inductive chargers. However, Samsung inductive charging simply supports both standards, so you don't have to worry that the brand's charger won't provide charging for another manufacturer's device.

The most popular inductive charger, Qi, provides great charging performance. Especially when the base station and the equipment to be charged are a maximum of 4 centimeters apart. A wireless charger works best when you simply put your phone or wireless headphones on it. That's why wireless chargers are such a great solution at home. Put it on a table, desk or bench, then plug it in.... And there you go!

Wireless car chargers - just in time for a long journey

Do you also use your phone on long-distance trips? In the store you will also find wireless car chargers! The charger ensures uninterrupted and comfortable use of the phone (for example, as navigation) while driving. Thanks to the ability to conveniently position the phone use does not distract the driver. It also does not adversely affect the level of safety.

Before buying, it is worth checking whether the charger enforces a certain position of the phone. Some models allow inductive charging only in a horizontal position, but a car holder with an inductive charger is becoming increasingly popular. This solution is a better version of the magnetic holder, enhanced with the possibility of inductive charging. Wireless car charger mounts are excellent devices for drivers on long trips!

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