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Wireless car chargers

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Wireless car chargers, also called inductive, are an absolute bestseller. Does your phone, smartwatch, headphones support wireless charging? A wireless car charger will be perfect for you! It takes up little space, is compact, and is often integrated into the handle. Take a look at what inductive chargers we have in the store. Take a look at our virtual shelves and choose the model for you!

What are wireless car chargers?

An wireless car charger is very often also called a inductive charger. It supports charging compatible with Qi or MagSafe technology - that is, without the need for cables. Such chargers have an extremely simple way of use. All you have to do is put down your phone, smartwatch or headphones on the indicated charging plate and.... done! Thanks to such an uncomplicated method of operation, the wireless car charger has a compact size and a very stylish casing.

Using the latest technology, the wireless car charger charges efficiently and safely. It has built-in protection against overheating and overloading, as well as an automatic shut-off function when the device is charged. There are also wireless chargers on the market that support fast charging - thanks to Quick Charge technology.

Wireless charger for the car - in the form of a holder or a plate

This type of charger can have a wide variety of looks. The shape of the wireless car charger can be round, square or rectangular. Some models are integrated with phone holders. The shape of a wireless car charger is of great importance, as it affects the convenience and functionality of use. It often determines whether the charger stably holds in place or not. The shape can also affect whether the charger is easily accessible to the user. When a wireless charger has a shape that allows easy access to the device, it is more convenient.

By far, the most popular solution is the form of a quick-mount, cockpit or windshield mount. However, there are also wireless chargers, which are in the shape of a plate mounted to the vent with a base that is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket. These types of chargers then have the ability to charge several devices simultaneously. The base usually has an additional USB output. When choosing an wireless charger for your car, pay attention to these functionalities. Then you will adapt it to your needs and requirements!

What devices can I charge with an wireless car charger?

Wireless car chargers are used for wireless charging of many devices. Smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, smartwatches - these and other devices that support wireless charging can use them. The power of a wireless car charger can vary from model to model, but most chargers are available in powers ranging from 5 watts to 15 watts. And this is the parameter you should pay attention to when choosing a new inductive charger for your car.

In the store you will find wireless car chargers at different prices. But it is not only the price that differentiates them: also charging power, compatibility with the device, design and functionality. Check out what models are waiting for you in the store. We have selected only proven manufacturers: Acefast, Baseus or Choetech. Check it out!

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