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VGA cables

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VGA cables are an indispensable part of any computer set. It is thanks to them that you will connect a monitor, projector or TV, for example, to your computer and enable you to display the image. In the category of VGA cables at you will find a wide selection of VGA cables - in different lengths and variants. Check it out!

VGA cable - what is it?

VGA (Video Graphics Array) cables are also called D-SUB. This type of connector and cable allows you to connect, for example, a monitor to a computer. It has specially incorporated screws that will allow you to attach the plug to the port accurately. The VGA standard allows you to transmit an image with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (max) at a refresh rate of 85 Hz. Given that VGA technology was born in the late 1980s, such parameters are not particularly surprising. Today, manufacturers are much more likely to use DVI or HDMI connectors.

VGA ports transmit only the image, they do not provide the possibility to transmit network or audio signals. The received and transmitted signal is analog, so the quality of the image will strongly depend on the quality and length of the VGA cable used.

High quality VGA cables at

In the offer of you will find VGA cables in various lengths, from a few tens of centimeters to even 2 meters. You are sure to find something for you - no matter how large the room you intend to use the cable in. The available lengths allow you to freely arrange your devices and connect them without restrictions. We make sure that the VGA cables at are available in different variants, so that each user will be able to match the cable to their needs. We offer both cables terminated with a VGA-VGA connector, as well as VGA-DVI or VGA-HDMI, allowing greater flexibility in connecting different devices. All the cables we offer have high quality workmanship and are manufactured by reputable manufacturers.

VGA cables that will work in a variety of conditions

The VGA cables we offer in the online store are designed to work in various conditions. We have cables with increased resistance to bending, abrasion or mechanical damage. So they are ideal for those who require not only high signal quality, but also reliability and durability.

Check out our range of VGA cables. Choose the products that best suit your needs. If you have any questions or doubts - we are here to help!

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