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USB cables

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USB cables are a standard solution available for most mobile devices. A USB cable (sometimes called a USB Type A cable) is used to charge and transfer data between devices. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, cameras, game consoles and e-book readers. Check out the USB cables we have prepared for you in the store!

What is a USB cable?

A USB cable has a built-in USB Type A connector. The USB port was developed in 1996 by several technology companies, including Microsoft, Compaq and Intel. The companies wanted to create a universal solution for connecting various electronic devices, such as computers, printers and cell phones. And they succeeded! Today, the USB cable is indeed one of the most popular accessories in the mobile device industry. It has a traditional, simple shape that is easy to recognize. The end of the cable is wide and flat.

The popularity of USB cables is due to several factors, including their versatility, ease of use and low price. USB cables are readily available and can be easily connected to a wide variety of devices, making them ideal for many applications. USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus". The name thus reflects versatility and universality.

What devices does the USB cable fit with?

Thanks to its universal connector, the USB cable can be connected to many devices. Sending and receiving data will be possible on a computer (both Mac and PC), laptop, smartphone and tablet (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android devices), among others. But that's not all. The USB cable will come in handy on a daily basis if you use a digital camera, Xbox or Playstation console, audio and video player or e-book reader. It's also a great gadget for work if you need to connect your computer to an external drive, USB hub or printer. You can connect the USB cable to the USB ports on all such devices.

Depending on the model of the device, USB ports can vary in size, but the most common is USB Type A. USB cables can also have different transmission standards. The 2.0 standard has a bandwidth of up to 480 Mbps. The 3.0 standard gives 5 Gbps of bandwidth, while the USB 3.1 standard (depending on the generation) gives 5 or 10 Gbps.

USB cable available at store

The USB cables you will find in the store are distinguished by their versatility and ease of use. We have introduced USB cables in various lengths: from a few centimeters to several meters. So choose one that suits your needs and allows you to easily connect your device to a power source. The current intensity of a USB cable can range from 500 mA, allowing you to charge devices with lower current requirements. Higher-powered USB cables, such as those that support Quick Charge, can offer up to 3 amps of current. So they can charge devices much faster.

At, we have many different types of USB cables. You'll find cables that allow data transmission, that is, transferring files and data between devices. Others will allow you to charge your devices, adjusting the amperage and voltage to the needs of your equipment. In this way, charging your devices will be stable and safe. See what we have prepared for you!

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