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USB C cables

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Versatility and the ability to charge devices quickly - meet USB C cables. They can carry a fair amount of data and at the same time charge a device with high power. The USB Type C connector is becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers use it in many modern devices, such as laptops and smartphones. See the huge selection of USB C cables we have for you in the store. 

What does USB C cable mean?

USB C cables are modern and versatile charging and data transfer cables. You can use them to charge a wide variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and more. What does USB type C look like? Similar to a typical USB plug - except that it has a round shape instead of a rectangular one. Thanks to its simple design, you can plug the USB Type C cable in either direction, which eliminates the problem of reversing the plug (as is the case with traditional USB cables).

The USB Type C cable was developed in 2014 by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) organization. The popularity of USB C cables is due to the fact that they provide faster and more universal connectivity than previous versions of USB cables.

What are the characteristics of USB C cables?

USB C cables come in various lengths, from a few centimeters to several meters. A 2-meter cable is ideal when you want to freely use a device connected to a computer or charger. A 25-centimeter USB C cable, on the other hand, is a good choice when you want ease of storage and portability. It's great for travelers who frequently use different devices and want to carry a compact cable with them. You can use short USB C cables to charge devices and transfer data, but due to their limited length, they will be more difficult to use when you need more space to maneuver.

USB C cables have many functionalities. They can transfer data at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, charge devices with up to 100 watts of power. And thanks to the universal connector, it gives you the opportunity to use one cable for multiple devices. The current intensity of a USB C cable depends on the device and its requirements, but usually ranges from 3 to 100 watts. Such amperage allows you to charge your device quickly, even if it is used intensively.

Which USB C cable for fast charging?

USB C cables are considered the future of connectivity - due to their versatility, performance and functionality. These types of cables often have built-in fast charging technologies. The most popular by far is Power Delivery (PD), but that's not all. USB cables can also be compatible with Quick Charge, VOOC Charge, Samsung AFC or Huawei FCP / SCP technologies. Remember that fast transfer via USB C cable can only be possible if your device and charger meet the requirements of the fast charging technology.

In the store we have prepared a wide selection of USB C cables. Short and long, for device charging and data transfer, with fast charging technologies and angled plugs. Choose your model!

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