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Smartwatch accessories

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Smartwatch accessories are the perfect way to improve the functionality or appearance of your watch. A sturdy case, a stylish strap, a fast charger or tempered glass are a real must-have for any smartwatch owner. Do you wear an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch or maybe a Xiaomi Mi Band on your wrist? Check out the smartwatch accessories we have selected especially for you!

In the Hurtel store you will find dozens of accessories for smartwatches. They will not only protect your watch from scratches or dust, but also charge its battery or upgrade its appearance. We have a huge selection of high-quality products that will interest owners of the top smartwatches on the market. See for yourself - take a look at our list!

What smartwatch accessories to choose to protect it from damage?

In Hurtel's offer you will find many smartwatch accessories. Among the most popular are cases, glass and films, straps and chargers. A smartwatch case protects the watch from damage and dirt. Smartwatch glass provides better protection for the screen. Smartwatch straps - available in different colors and materials - properly hold the envelope and decorate the wrist. Smartwatch chargers, on the other hand, allow quick and convenient charging of the battery.

Are you interested in a smartwatch case? You can choose from three types: a case with a frame around the envelope, a case with integrated glass or a case with an integrated strap. Each solution has its pluses. The first, a smartwatch case with a bezel, will effectively protect the edges of the watch from damage and scratches. The second, which is a smartwatch case with built-in glass, will be an ideal cover for the entire watch envelope. The third - a smartwatch case with a built-in strap - is an all-in-one solution. It completely covers the watch envelope, adding a comfortable strap to it.

Excellent protection of the smartwatch is also provided by tempered glass and protective film. The smartwatch film protects against scratches, while the smartwatch glass further protects the display from damage.

Fashionable and patterned smartwatch accessories

Want to change the look of your smartwatch? Give it a glittery shine, leather elegance or the classic look of a metal bracelet? Opt for an interchangeable smartwatch strap. Straps allow you to wear your smartwatch comfortably, but they can also completely transform its look. Straps for smartwatches, sometimes called straps or bands, can be made of different materials, such as leathersilicone or metal. Hurtel offers many types of straps, including magnetic, fabricbraided or glitter straps.

If, in addition to a strap, you want additional protection for your envelope, choose a case with a built-in strap. These are sturdy and durable accessories that come in sporty or elegant versions. Hurtel offers dozens of straps with cases - and in many beautiful colors!

Smartwatch accessories for everyday use

If you use your smartwatch every day, you need to take care of its fast charging. Hurtel offers many types of chargers - networked and wireless. Take a look at our category of smartwatch chargers and see what products we have selected for you. With smartwatches in mind, we have prepared, among others, universal chargers with cable and docking stations. These are great accessories that charge the battery wirelessly, so you can be sure that your smartwatch will work all day.

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