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Screen cleaners

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Greasy fingerprints, dust specks and other disfiguring contaminants on the screen of your smartphone... they don't stand the slightest chance! With a screen cleaner, you'll bring your devices up to scratch quickly and with great results. Take a look at this subpage to choose handy, compact kits for cleaning the screens of a wide variety of devices.

Screen cleaner and other surfaces

Want to keep your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen clean? You can choose classic wipes or a handy screen cleaner - a small 2-in-1 gadget. The spray container is also a cleaner. It is covered with soft microfiber, which is great for collecting leftover product, and most importantly, it does not leave streaks or scratches.

At you will find a screen cleaner that will allow you to quickly get rid of any dirt from flat glass surfaces - not only screens, but also selected models of glasses or smartwatches.

What does the screen cleaner spray contain?

In a small bottle you will find a gentle cleaning liquid with which you will get rid of dust, dirt and greasy imprints. What's more, the anti-static properties of the product mean that dust particles don't settle as easily, and as a result, your smartphone will stay clean and neat for longer. Simply spray on the glass surface and wipe it with a microfiber case - you will get the best effect by making even strokes, one next to the other.

Screen cleaning kit 2 in 1

A phone cleaning kit or classic cloths are great for traveling. They are small, so you can always have them on hand - in your backpack, purse or desk. It's a reusable solution - if you notice that they have collected too much dirt, just rinse them in water and dry them. They'll be ready for the next task!

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