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Privacy tempered glass

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Want to avoid the prying eyes of passengers on the bus who surreptitiously glance at your smartphone? Phone privacy tempered glass is a great solution. It provides double protection: against scratches and cracks of the screen and unauthorized people. At the same time, it allows you to use your phone freely. See what kind of privacy tempered glass we have in the offer of store.

Phone privacy tempered glass - what is it?

Privacy tempered glass for your phone is a protective coating that is designed to protect your privacy when using your phone. The glass is tinted with a special dye in such a way that at an angle of 30 degrees or more it changes its color. What is the effect? People on the sides of the phone will not be able to read what is displayed on the screen. The phone will look as if it is blanked out. At the same time, the privacy tempered glass maintains perfect transparency at a 90-degree angle. So the phone user will be able to read everything that is displayed on the screen - looking at it perfectly straight ahead.

Who can use the phone privacy tempered glass? It is especially recommended for people who often use the phone in public places or want to protect their privacy from unauthorized people. Writing messages on a streetcar, reading business documents in a conference room.... Privacy glass will protect you from all prying eyes. You also don't have to worry about color distortion.

Phone privacy glass - advantages

The biggest advantage of the privacy glass is its effectiveness in protecting your privacy - especially in public places. However, these are not all the positives of having this type of protection. Phone privacy glass is, first of all, tempered glass, which will protect your device from the effects of falls or scratches. You can safely throw your phone in your backpack or purse and not worry about scratching it with your keys. And in the event of an unexpected fall, the glass will absorb the energy of the impact so that the display remains intact.

The phone privacy glass has a very good grip, so there is no risk of the glass peeling off the screen. At the same time, it is extremely easy to install and remove. In the box with the glass you will also find instructions and all the necessary accessories.

Which phones does the privacy glass fit?

Privacy glass is available for various models of Samsung and iPhone phones. So you can match it to your specific phone model, ensuring complete privacy. At the same time, the privacy glass does not affect the functionality of the smartphone. It provides full screen responsiveness, so you can use Face ID, for example, without any problems. At you will find privacy glass for your smartphone from many leading brands: Joyroom, 3MK, Wozinsky or Spigen.

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