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Not being able to charge the battery of a mobile device can cause problems, for example, when hiking in the mountains. It's worth taking precautions against such a situation - even if you're not hiking on mountain peaks. Powerbanks, or portable batteries that allow you to charge your equipment, come to the rescue. We have a wide range: from traditional powerbanks to inductive ones. See what we have prepared at A discharged device will no longer be a problem!

powerbanks with a cable in set

with a cable
in set

powerbanks with a fast charging standard

with a fast
charging standard

with a solar panel

with a solar

powerbanks with QI charging

with QI

powerbanks MagSafe compatible


Good powerbanks from the offer of

Good powerbanks are small, but they hold a lot of energy. With a 100% charge, you can power your phone with them even several times. In the offer of you will find powerbanks with different capacities: from 8000 mAh, to 10000 mAh, to 20000 mAh. Everyone will find a model with the capacity they need!

In addition, powerbanks from are diverse in design, so users can match the equipment to their own taste. We offer powerbanks with plastic casing covered with anti-slip and shock-absorbing material. Some models are equipped with several ports of different amperage: one for a smartwatch, another for, for example, an iPhone, which requires more amperage.

Wireless powerbanks. Store for interesting options

Lack of a suitable USB cable can be a big problem: even though the powerbank will be charged to 100 percent, you will have no way to charge your phone. If you do not want to fear such a situation, bet on wireless powerbanks. All you have to do is place your phone or tablet on them and the battery charging will begin.

Induction powerbanks that support the Qi standard are the assurance that any device - not just a phone or tablet - will be charged quickly and safely. Modern induction powerbanks adjust the charging power to the connected equipment, so they comfortably and instantly charge the battery of any device. No more frustration and problems related to the lack of a power outlet! Wireless powerbank means energy independence. Check out our powerbanks. At we really have a lot of them!

Joyroom powerbank, Baseus powerbank.... Only from verified suppliers store is an authorized seller of many proven brands, such as Baseus, WozinskyJoyroom and Dudao. We offer licensed and popular models from the most famous GSM accessory manufacturers. Which of them should you choose? Write to us and we will help you choose the perfect powerbank for you!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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