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Portable power stations

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Do you like to travel in an RV? Do you experience frequent power failures at your home? Or do you just want a device that will allow you to access electricity when you don't have a standard power source nearby? A portable power station is the perfect solution for you. The charging station allows you to transfer power to various electronic devices anywhere and anytime. They have USB, DC or APP ports that allow you to charge smartphones, laptops, travel coolers, fans, lights or drones. Check out the portable power stations we have prepared for you at!

Portable power station - what is it?

A portable power station is a device that is used to charge electronic devices or supply them with energy when we do not have access to a permanent power source. Portable power stations usually have built-in lithium-iron-phosphate or lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the battery capacity (calculated in Wh) and output power (calculated in W), portable power stations can charge electronic devices many times. You can connect many different devices to the charging station. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and even larger travel devices like refrigerators and coffee makers. You can find many solutions in the store.

A mobile charging station usually resembles a small box. Often, it also has a built-in LED display that tells you the level of battery charge. The weight of a portable power station can vary depending on its capacity and functionality. Models range from less than 4 kilograms all the way up to 22 kilograms. The largest stations have a sizable battery capacity, while smaller stations can be conveniently transported.

What will a portable charging station be useful for?

Portable power stations are especially useful in cases where you don't have access to the electric grid. They are ideal for charging your devices during long car, train or campervan trips. They will come in handy during camping trips or hiking in the mountains, where there is no access to an "outlet." Users appreciate them especially in cases where we use devices that consume a lot of energy: laptops, sports cameras or drones.

However, mobile power stations are useful not only in a tent. Power stations are also invaluable in emergency situations, when you need to charge your phone or other device and there is no access to power. Have you had a sudden power failure in your home due to network maintenance work, strong winds? Emergency power stations are the solution for you.

Power stations are also popular with people who often go on business trips or their work requires daily driving. Portable power stations are great for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, car navigation and many other mobile devices. You can also connect business equipment to them, such as a mobile printer or scanner.

How to choose emergency power stations for home?

Mobile power stations allow you to connect many devices. If you want to choose the perfect model for you, pay attention to what ports are built into the station. In the store the choice is huge: USB, USB C or Lightning ports, AC, car output, XT60 or DC. Charging stations can also be charged in a variety of ways: using a solar panel, by plugging into a power outlet or into a 12-volt outlet in the car. Choose the way that suits you best.

One of the most important parameters is the capacity of the battery, calculated in watt-hours. The larger it is, the more devices you can charge or plug in. Portable power stations can also be equipped with additional features, such as LED flashlights, LCD displays or surge and overheating protection. Weight is also extremely important. Larger and more advanced models usually have more capacity and additional features, but are heavier and less portable. At you will find both lighter and heavier stations. Check it out!

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