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Phone tempered glass

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Do you have a new smartphone? Congratulations! Its use should start by choosing glasses for your phone - we recommend them, of course, also for older models of devices. With this simple solution, your phone's screen is protected from scratches or cracks. Take a look and see for yourself what we have chosen!

The best glass for your phone at

Although device manufacturers are outdoing themselves by creating more and more resistant coatings, there is no need to rely on promises alone. It's better to reach for a reliable, proven solution - high-quality protective glass for your phone. You can find just such at!

The best glass are fully fitted to the screens. They do not stick out or peel off. When hit, they crack, but do not spill and remain in one sheet, giving you the opportunity to safely replace the coating. Glass for the phone are almost imperceptible and in no way affect the functioning of the touch or fingerprint reader.

Protect your smartphone - choose strong tempered glass

How do you make sure that your phone's delicate screen remains intact throughout use? No worries, you don't have to handle it like an egg at all - just choose the right glass for your phone. Only the glass placed on the screen is able to capture the energy of a fall and (perhaps) although it will break on its own, the precious screen will remain in one piece. Both tempered glass for your phone and hybrid glass for your phone will provide you with such protection.

Tempered glass can have different classes of hardness. To judge it, simply pay attention to the markings you see on the box. See the mysterious 9H? Great! This means that the tempered glass for the phone hidden in the package can only be scratched with a diamond blade. Unless you carry such in your pockets every day, you can rest easy and enjoy full protection of your smartphone.

Hybrid glass, on the other hand, combines the hardness of glass and the flexibility of film. Flawless application is therefore much easier.

Not just protection, that is, privatizing glass for the phone

Nowadays we love to combine several functions in one solution. The same is true for the broadly understood protection of smartphone screens. For simultaneous protection from damage and avoiding prying eyes "over the shoulder", the privacy tempered glass has just been created. This high-tech coating is designed to be fully transparent only when you look at it from a right angle. Any unauthorized person who looks at your screen, for example, while riding a streetcar, will see only a dark surface. Isn't that convenient?

Other, equally functional options for smartphone protection can be found on the following pages in the store. A good example is tempered glass for your phone's camera - it will protect the camera lens from scratches, while allowing you to take beautiful photos. We also offer tempered glasses with an alignment tool. Their main advantage is easy installation, as you will find a positioner suitable for your phone model included.

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