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Phone screen protectors

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Our smartphones do not have it easy - they end up in pockets, land in backpacks or... on the floor. It is worth protecting them from the consequences of damage - scratches or cracks. Phone screen protectors will be a great choice. Flexible, resistant, practically imperceptible film is perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the device, does not cause problems in installation. Take a look and choose yours!

Phone screen protectors - good choice for the device

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine leaving the house without a smartphone: it is at hand almost around the clock. However, this convenience comes at a price. The device is constantly exposed to mechanical damage: scratches or cracks. We often keep it in our pockets together with our keys, sometimes it even falls out of it. In order to maintain a pristine appearance throughout its life, take care of a suitable cover right away. A protective film for your phone should be your second purchase, after the device itself.

Hydrogel film for the phone - advantages

The hydrogel phone screen protection is manufactured from TPU. It is distinguished by a large range of flexibility, so it is able to protect the device from the effects of falls. Importantly, the installation of this accessory is seamless, even if air bubbles form, they will spontaneously disappear in about two days. This type of coating is very thin, even imperceptible, and does not affect the sensitivity of the screen or the performance of the fingerprint scanner.

Although the hydrogel film for the phone is almost invisible, you will fully feel its presence at a critical moment. Interestingly, it will cope with smaller scratches on its surface "by itself" due to the auto-healing function. This is especially important from the economic point of view - you do not need to buy a new coating every time there is a fall. The hydrogel film for the phone will also take care of making the device look neat. It protects the screen from disfiguring fingerprints.

Who needs a film for the back of the phone?

Your smartphone impresses with its design? Enjoy it even longer - a phone back protector will help you perfectly. With this inconspicuous tool you will make not only the screen, but also the "back" of the device look as good as when you bought it. Importantly, the film for the back of the phone is most often available with an applicator and a set of cloths, so its application is trouble-free also for a person without experience.

It is worth appreciating the fact that it is antibacterial and protects not only from typical damage, but also from fingerprints. In the store you will find protective films for any model of phone - take a look at the category below and choose your device from the list.

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