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Phone lanyards

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Your smartphone can be further protected and further highlighted. All you need to do is to choose the right lanyard for your phone. Take a look at the following sub-pages of the store to find the model that best meets your needs - colorful beads, uniform cords. Great accessories for smartphones, keys, handbag or pencil case.

Phone lanyard - a versatile accessory for your smartphone and more

The fashion for a phone lanyard is back and doing quite well. By combining a case with a neck pendant, you increase the security and convenience of your smartphone. It is especially convenient for the largest models of devices, which would be difficult to keep constantly in your pocket or hand. After all, you can hang them around your neck and have trouble-free access to them at any time.

A very important argument is that a phone lanyard is always a fashionable accessory that allows you to express yourself. Clip it to your phone or keys, pencil case or backpack - whatever you prefer.

Check out lanyards for your phone at

Do you prefer fabulously colorful accessories or something more subdued? At you'll find lanyards for your phone in many varieties, with different shapes. Among other things, we offer models with a metal snap hook or a soft pendant - each of them you can mount on your smartphone, next to your keys, pencil case or backpack without much difficulty.

You can choose from both long and short lanyards or adjustable neckbands. Their varied colors allow you to properly match the accessory to your phone case. A minimalist lanyard will work well for everyday use, while a colorful lanyard with additional accents is a nice gadget for a child, who from now on will find it much harder to lose his smartphone or keys.

How to mount the lanyard to the phone?

Depending on the model, the lanyard for the phone is mounted by putting the loop or snap hook through one of the holes in the case. In the Hurtel store you will also find models with a special insert, which is also placed directly under the device case. Such an immobilized phone chain allows you to grip the phone even more solidly, for example, after wrapping it around your wrist or throwing it over your neck.

Moreover, a lanyard worn around the neck makes life more difficult for thieves. It's a safer alternative to walking down the street with the phone in your hands, from which it can be easily knocked out. Instead, the device is securely fastened to a lanyard that can be hidden under clothing. A colorful, long lanyard is also a support for people who have a lot of small items in their pockets or bags. Finding the keys clipped to it suddenly becomes trivial!

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