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Phone hybrid glass

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A combination of tempered glass and protective film that will provide perfect protection for your smartphone screen. Here is a phone hybrid glass - easy to install, responsive and durable. Want to prevent scratches and dirt on your display? Hybrid glass is a great choice. See for yourself! Check out the offer of the store. We have a huge selection of hybrid glass for many models of smartphones.

Phone hybrid glass - what is it?

Phone hybrid glass is a specially designed protective accessory that protects your phone screen from scratches and damage. It is also commonly referred to as flexi glass - and you can find it under these name. The combination of glass and film allows you to get better protection than with just one of these materials. Why? Phone hybrid glass has a high resistance to scratches and damage. It is extremely easy to install and remove. It also provides perfect transparency that allows you to use your phone's screen with ease.

One of the biggest advantages of phone hybrid glass is its durability, which allows you to use your smartphone for a longer period of time without having to replace the glass. In addition, it has a very good adhesion, so there is no risk of the glass peeling off the screen.

Smooth and almost invisible phone hybrid glass

Hybrid glass is extremely thin - almost invisible on the phone screen. This type of glass is less than half a millimeter thick, it is difficult to even feel it under your finger. When it is applied to the smartphone, the display is strengthened and gains scratch resistance. In the event of an unexpected fall, the phone hybrid glass takes the energy of the impact and distributes it evenly over its surface. A discreet form, but solid protection. That's it!

The protective coating you apply to your phone must not only protect your equipment - but also not interfere with its use. Phone hybrid glass is perfectly smooth, so that the smartphone screen remains fully responsive. So you can draw, prepare projects or play mobile games. The glass will not interfere with anything. Importantly, the phone flexi glass is also often equipped with an antibacterial and oleophobic layer. So it won't collect fingerprints or spread bacteria over the surface of the display.

Hybrid glass for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi...

Phone hybrid glass is available for various phone models. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus or Xiaomi phone, hybrid glass will give it the right protection. In the store you will find glass for many phone models - including the most popular ones. Importantly, the hybrid glass is perfectly matched to the specific model. So it protects every inch of the display.

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