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Micro USB cables

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Do you own a small powerbank, camera or music player with a micro USB tip? Match it with a compatible micro USB cable. To the offer of the store we have introduced cables only from reputable manufacturers. They are reliable, easy to use and always at an attractive price. Check it out!

What is a micro USB cable?

Micro USB cables are very distinctive due to their small size and compact design. Thanks to this design, you can easily carry and store them. Micro USB cables gained their popularity due to their versatility and ease of use.

The micro USB port was developed as a standard for charging and data transfer in mobile devices. Compared to other connectors, micro USB was smaller and easier to use, allowing it to be quickly implemented in many devices. Today, the micro USB port is used less frequently than USB or USB C, but it can still be found in cameras, small powerbanks or smartphones. It is the micro USB cable that is useful for charging all these devices.

What does a micro USB cable look like?

A micro USB cable usually has one end terminated with a micro USB plug and the other with a USB plug. The USB plug is connected to the computer or charger, and the micro USB plug is connected to the device that is being charged. You can also find micro USB - USB C cables in the store.

Micro USB cables are available in different lengths: from a few centimeters to several meters. So you can conveniently charge your device no matter where you are. Shorter length cables are more manageable and easier to carry. Longer cables allow you to charge your device from a further distance, such as from the sofa or from the back seat of your car.

Micro USB cables - a large selection at

Micro USB cables are a convenient and versatile solution for charging various electronic devices. Find out why you should choose store! Micro USB cables from our offer can support different data transfer speeds, such as USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. They also have different amperage - usually in the order of several amps, which allows you to charge your device quickly and efficiently. Are you interested in micro USB-B cables? We also have such a model. Check it out!

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