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MFi chargers

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Ensure the safety and convenience of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Choose an MFi charger - it will give you the confidence that you are connecting your device to safe equipment that will not cause any damage. In the store you will find a wide selection of MFi chargers. See the most interesting proposals.

What is MFi certification?

MFi is a certification program from Apple. The acronym stands for "Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad", which can be translated as "designed for iPhone / iPod / iPad". And it is in the name that the whole secret lies. According to the program, only devices that keep iPhones, iPads and iPods safe can be awarded the certificate. They must be high-quality products that are expected to last a long time without fail. MFi devices are tested by Apple and must meet high quality standards. MFi chargers can be just such a device.

Manufacturers who bring their devices into compliance with the requirements of the program can join the MFi certification program. What requirements must an MFi-certified charger meet? First of all, pass extensive technical and safety tests of Apple's program, so that the user can be sure that the accessory will not damage the device or pose any danger. By choosing an MFi charger, you can be sure that you are connecting your device to safe equipment.

What are the advantages of using MFi chargers?

MFi chargers guarantee that the power supply process will run without any interference. There will be no surges or overheating. This is because MFi chargers go through strict testing by Apple engineers before they get MFi certification. And in case of problems, the owner of an MFi charger can always seek technical assistance from Apple. Importantly, using an MFi charger ensures a longer life for your iPhone. You certainly won't get a "accessory may not be supported" message on your phone's screen.

These types of chargers are convenient and easy to use - in line with Apple's leading design thinking. MFi certification also ensures a perfect fit. MFi chargers are designed strictly for Apple-branded devices and tailored to their specific needs. You can use them to charge iPhones, iPad tablets, iPods or connect MagSafe wireless chargers.

Chargers with and without MFi certification. Can you charge an iPhone with a non-original charger?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone with a non-original charger or without MFi certification, but you will not be sure that such a model will not damage your device. Chargers without MFi certification can malfunction - it also happens that they do not work at all. And if such a charger damages your iPhone, the repair will not be covered by the warranty.

That's why it makes sense to choose MFi chargers. The prices of MFi-certified chargers are lower than those of genuine Apple accessories. In the store you will find MFi chargers from reputable manufacturers: Acefast, Ugreen, Joyroom or Choetech.

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