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Magnetic cables

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Do you own several mobile devices with different charging ports, and don't want to use several different cables? Magnetic charging cables are the solution for you. They are designed with user safety in mind. The ends of the cables connect using magnets, which allows you to easily and safely connect and disconnect the cable. Check what magnetic charging cables we have prepared for you in the store.

Magnetic charging cables - what are they?

Magnetic charging cables are a clever and convenient solution for users of phones, tablets and laptops. This type of cable consists of two parts: a magnetic plug and a socket. The parts are connected to each other by magnets. The magnet in the plug cable is attracted to the magnet in the socket, which allows the cable to be easily and securely connected. Importantly, magnetic charging cables can have different types of connectors depending on the type of device they are intended for. The cable can connect various electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, power supplies, powerbanks and many others.

What kind of connectors do magnetic charging cables have?

Magnetic charging cables most often feature USB connectors, but not only. The USB C connector is particularly popular for charging smartphones, of course, but especially laptops. This type of connector has the ability to easily connect the cable to the charging port located on the side or back of the device. The magnetic port also helps prevent accidental damage to the charging port or power cable when moving the laptop from place to place. USB C is very versatile and allows you to charge your device as well as transfer data.

The second most popular connector on the magnetic charging cable is USB (USB Type A) - very common for charging mobile devices. On one side of the cable is a magnetic connector for connecting to a mobile device, and on the other side is a USB connector for a computer or charger.

Magnetic charging cables very often also have a Lightning connector - for users of Apple devices.

Magnetic charging cables in the store

The online store has a wide selection of cables - including magnetic charging cables, available in different lengths. They have high quality workmanship and are compatible with many mobile devices. When choosing a cable for yourself, measure the right length that will allow you to use your device without undue strain on the cable. At you will find magnetic cables from Wozinsky, among others, which have strong enough magnets to hold the connection.

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