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GaN chargers

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Compact size, higher efficiency, lower power consumption. Meet GaN chargers - devices that have integrated components made of gallium nitride. A GaN charger will withstand a higher load with less power loss than a traditional charger with silicon components. Find out why so many smartphone users choose them! In the store you will find many models of GaN chargers from leading manufacturers: Acefast, Baseus, Choetech or Ugreen. 

GaN charger - what is it?

GaN chargers are modern chargers that have built-in components made of a semiconductor material called gallium nitride. GaN components achieve a better balance between volume, performance and safety than chargers with silicon transistors. They feature smaller size, higher efficiency and lower power consumption. The use of gallium nitride does not complicate the use of the charger in any way. On the contrary, it makes the charger supply energy faster to the device connected to it. Most GaN chargers have built-in Power Delivery, Quick Charge, Samsung AFC or Huawei Fast Charge Protocol technologies.

The innovation of GaN technology is that it enables the production of smaller and more efficient chargers that offer faster and more efficient charging of devices. In addition, GaN chargers are more environmentally friendly. They consume less energy and generate less heat during charging.

What devices can I charge with a GaN charger?

You can charge a wide range of devices with a GaN charger. Cell phones, tablets, laptops - in fact, any device that supports USB charging. Many GaN chargers have a high voltage and current output, allowing you to quickly charge even devices with high battery capacity. A digital camera, GoPro camera, powerbank or LED lights will also be compatible with this type of charger.

Importantly, GaN chargers ensure full safety of the device being charged. Not only do they have adequate surge protection built in, but they are also more resistant to high temperatures and loads. Thus, they allow faster and safer charging of a phone or laptop.

What GaN chargers can I find in the store?

The GaN chargers you will find in the store are characterized by their small size. They can have one or several USB inputs. They are available at different prices, depending on features and specifications. Take a look at the offer of the Hurtel store and choose the charger for you. With an extra USB C cable? With different tips to fit contacts in England and the United States? Or perhaps with an HDMI port? GaN chargers may surprise you!

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