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Gaming accessories

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Do you play games on PC, console or phone? Bet on comfort, high quality and functionality: choose gaming accessories! Thanks to professional headphones, mice and keyboards you will improve your results in shooters. Thanks to the angled cables, you can comfortably play mobile games. And thanks to pad stands, headphone adapters and solid tempered glass, you'll enjoy playing on Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles. All these solutions will make playing video games a hobby or... a way to stand out in the technological industry!

Gaming accessories - a wide selection for console players

Every gamer - both professional and beginner - needs comfortable and solid gaming accessories. A good example are gaming headphones. This is an extremely functional gadget, especially in FPS or MMORPG video games, i.e. wherever crystal sound without delays is of great importance. In the Hurtel store you will find many types of headphones. If you like to have comfort and play comfortably from the couch, choose wireless gaming headphones. And if your video game requires exchanging information with other players, choose gaming headphones with a microphone.

For players, especially console players, comfort is also important. If you play on Xbox or Playstation every day, you certainly need to charge your pads often. So reach for a convenient pad stand that keeps your controllers charged when they're not in use. If your console is a Nintendo Switch, you can choose a headphone adapter, a set of overlays, a box, a bag, glass or a case. Each of these video games console accessories will make skirmishes in the virtual world a success!

Gaming accessories that will ensure the comfort of PC users

PC gamers need different but equally functional accessories. Gaming headphones are just the beginning! Gaming keyboards and mice are designed to speed up reaction time. They have been designed in such a way that your hands do not get tired during long hours of gaming. Gaming pads not only look great, but also allow you to play at night.

Accessories for mobile players

The world of games has long moved from traditional devices, such as computers or consoles, to smartphones as well. Are you interested in mobile games? A high-end smartphone is no longer enough to spend a pleasant time! Bet on proven accessories for mobile games - you will find them at very attractive prices and a very wide range.

A good choice will be, for example, angled cables that improve the ergonomics of the grip when charging the device. In the Hurtel store, we focus on a wide selection, which is why we have Lightning, USB Type C and mini jack cables, also those with suction cups. For a perfect image, choose gaming tempered glasses with an ultra-thin coating. They do not distort graphics or adversely affect responsiveness.

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