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Charging cables

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Charging cables are one of the most important accessories of the GSM industry. They are used not only to charge batteries, but to transfer data and information between devices. They connect phones, tablets, cameras, speakers, displays, monitors, microphones and many other devices. See what types of cables we have prepared for you in the Hurtel store and let yourself be entertained!

iPhone charging cable, USB C cable, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable.... When you buy a new phone, laptop, TV or video game console, you certainly need to stock up on cables as well. If you do not know which cables to choose, what to follow - check out the offer of the Hurtel store. We have a huge selection of cables for many mobile, home and business devices. All products come from proven manufacturers such as Baseus, Ugreen, Joyroom, Acefast and Wozinsky.

Visit the Hurtel store and see the great selection of cables we have. Video, audio and network, for battery charging and data transfer.... You are sure to find something for you.

What kind of cables can you find in Hurtel's offer?

Among the cables that are used for charging and data transfer, by far the most popular are USB cables. In the USB family you will also find USB C cables, mini USB cablesmicro USB cables and USB printer cables. The vast majority of mobile device manufacturers today rely on USB Type C - with the exception of Apple. This Cupertino, California-based company has bet on its own standard - Lightning cables. What sets them apart is their usability: there is no "wrong" side to connect. You can insert Lightning cables into the port in any way you want. MFi, or Made For iPhone, cables are also becoming increasingly popular on the market. These are cables that Apple has designed in cooperation with third-party accessory manufacturers. So they have Apple quality, but cost much less.

The category of video cables is made up of VGA cablesHDMI cables and DisplayPort cables. With each of these, you can send video from the source of your choice to any device. Do you want to connect your business computer to a projector? Or maybe a laptop or video game console to a TV? Browse through our offer. Importantly, the cables come in various lengths. So you can freely connect two devices - without worrying that you will run out of several centimeters. In the Hurtel store you will also find a variety of audio cables: AUX cables, optical audio cablesRCA cables and XLR cables. You can use them to connect speakers, amplifiers, microphones or Blue-Ray players. Check out how they differ and choose the one that suits you best.

What features should charging cables have?

Cables are one of the indispensable accessories in any home or apartment. In order for them to serve for a long time, they should be made of good quality materials, with high strength and flexibility. This will ensure that the cables will not break during frequent use. In the Hurtel store you will find robust and extremely damage-resistant cables - both audio and video.

For aesthetic reasons, it is good if the cable looks good and is easy to keep clean. Pastel patterns, colorful LED backlighting, pleasant-to-touch silicone, or maybe a gold or silver finish? Take a look at the Cables category and see what models we have prepared for you.

Finally, it is important that the cables are easy to use and do not cause problems during everyday use. Therefore, in our offer we have cables in various lengths: from 7 cm to several tens of meters! Such lengths are reached by Ethernet cables, among others. Larger lengths will make everyday use easier. Of course, we also have the most popular lengths: 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters or 2 meters.

Charging cables ideal for work

What kind of cables will be useful in the office? First of all, those that are long and comfortable. Larger lengths will make it easy to connect your desktop computer to the Internet network or monitor. However, it is worth remembering that the longer the cable, the more freedom when using it. Multifunctional solutions - like USB cables - will also be a good choice. These types of cables usually have three ends (or more), with which you will connect, for example, any charger to any smartphone.

But that's not all! Also check out what we can offer you in terms of magnetic cablesUSB extenders and cable organizers. Magnetic cables have interchangeable ends, USB extenders will allow you to connect your equipment together over longer distances. And cable organizers are an absolute must-have in the office.

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