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Chargers & powerbanks

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In this category, we focused on providing power. Either by means of a mains charger, at the moment when we enjoy our home feathers, or a car charger - on the go. We have also selected for you and other models: inductive, solar or MagSafe compatible. And what about when you don't have access to a permanent power source? Your best bet is to stock up on powerbanks. You can also find this suggestion at

What should you know before buying a smartphone charger?

A smartphone charger is the most basic solution, which is not lacking around us. Although it is the absolute base, nothing prevents it from turning out to be heavily expanded. And there are plenty to choose from! Depending on the needs of your device - phone, tablet or watch - choose wall chargerswireless chargers, solar chargersGaN chargers or MagSafe chargers.

Wondering what makes a truly noteworthy model stand out? You'll find, for example, models with multiple ports, with protocols that support fast charging or a range of safety features, such as against overheating. A really good charger independently adjusts the speed of operation to the capabilities of the connected device. At you will find proposals from market giants and perfectly heralded brands. Here we serve both proposals for Apple devices and for Android phones.

Driver, choose good chargers for your car!

Fortunately, we can also power our devices while driving, using the engine to do so. However, car chargers are more than just power. Many of them additionally become a device holder, with which traveling becomes even more pleasant. A really fast and efficient car charger (and that's what we have in the store) will make your smartphone ready to go after a short commute, for example.

Most importantly, many of the models we offer for the car are equipped with a number of safety features, so you don't risk short-circuiting or overheating. We throw in a sleek design and a universal mounting system anywhere free of charge.

Powerbank, or energy at any time and anywhere

However, we do not always have the opportunity to "plug in" to electricity. When a smartphone discharges and a tablet stops working, it becomes very inconvenient. However, you don't have to stop your work or entertainment - all you need to do is choose (and then power up in advance) a powerbank.

These small devices will charge your phone when you are away from home, for example, when traveling. With a powerbank, you don't have to worry about a melting battery indicator. The smartphone won't drain anyway. A good powerbank keeps you always connected to the world and doesn't waste time frantically searching for a constant source of power. At the store, we have prepared for you devices from industry leaders, such as the Baseus and Dudao brands.

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