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Car vacuum cleaners

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Dust on the rugs, crumbs on the seats, and you don't feel comfortable in your car? Your car needs a quick cleaning, but you don't have the ability to connect a traditional vacuum cleaner? A cordless car vacuum cleaner will come in handy for quick cleanups. Compact, lightweight vacuum cleaners are devices with high suction power, with which you will clean the interior of any car. See what models we have in the store.

Why is a vacuum cleaner for the car such a useful device?

Small vacuum cleaners for the car can have tremendous cleaning power. The powerful car vacuum cleaners we offer are extremely powerful, reliable, but also designer devices that perfectly remove sand from rugs or crumbs, dust and dust mites from any car upholstery. Adequate suction power and LED illumination allow you to thoroughly clean even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies. A small car vacuum cleaner will be useful for you in the garage, but also on the road.

When you buy a car cordless vacuum cleaner, you also get a variety of accessories to help you clean the nooks and crannies of your car.

Mini vacuum cleaners for the car

Do you dream of convenient and fast cleaning? Don't like dust, sand, particles that affect the aesthetics of your surroundings? You can always have mini vacuum cleaners for your car at hand. You don't have to take out a heavy, corded cleaning device every time. Just reach for a small vacuum cleaner for the car and after a while you have a clean back couch, carpet or seat. Such vacuum cleaners are quite quiet and their work does not disturb others.

The car vacuum cleaners you will find in the Hurtel store are distinguished not only by their high suction power, but also by their slim shape. The vacuum cleaners in our offer are lightweight, handy and compact. You can hide them in the trunk, the glove box in the car or under the seat. The bright backlight, extremely effective filter and various tips allow you to pull in the most troublesome particles. The internal filter of the car vacuum cleaner traps the smallest dust inside, so the car is also friendly to air quality-sensitive vehicle users.

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