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Car phone holders

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Are you traveling? Regardless of the length of your route, you will find it useful to have phone holders for your car. At you will find a whole bunch of different models, which you will perfectly adapt to your needs and technical capabilities of your vehicle and smartphone. Take a look at us and choose solutions that will make every trip more pleasant!

Car phone holders - stabilizing your smartphone on the go

Traveling by car requires a lot of focus and excellent orientation. Often technology helps us here, especially when traversing unfamiliar areas. In order to be able to have navigation constantly "in sight", it is worth getting a car phone holder. Thanks to it, the device will always be in sight, but will not impede visibility. In addition, it will be protected from damage thanks to a solid mount.

What will a magnetic phone holder provide you with? Although it is not from a typical decoration, it indirectly fulfills this task very well as well - the latest models that you can find at are distinguished by their original design. It is also worth appreciating the fact that they do not have typical "jaws", as they hold the smartphone well only with the help of invisible magnets. Is it possible to use this product with older phone models? Of course, you just need to place special magnetic phone plates on the "back" of the device - you can also find them in the Hurtel store.

We choose car phone holders. On the air-vent or on the cockpit?

Some of the choices we face are sometimes difficult, others are not. In this case, both types can work equally well. If you choose a phone holder for your car on the air-vent, you will gain, first of all, the convenience of having your device within sight and hand reach. You can freely reposition your phone or use its functions. However, not every vehicle is suitable for the installation of such facilities. In this case, choose a dashboard car phone holder, mounted with a suction cup anywhere with a flat surface.

Whether you choose a phone holder for your car for the air-vent or for the cockpit, you can still enjoy unobstructed navigation and solid stabilization of your equipment, even when driving on more difficult terrain. Your other options for your vehicle include a car window phone holder or a gravity phone holder - especially recommended if your smartphone can't be attached magnetically. Traveling with children? Host a movie show for them by choosing a car phone holder for the headrest.

Who should buy a holder with an inductive charger?

The holder with inductive charger is designed for people who own the latest models of smartphones, that is, equipped with Qi coil. It will be especially appreciated by people who travel frequently and on long journeys. It makes it so that you don't have to worry about powering up your device before you leave on your trip. Many models provide express charging, and also protect your equipment from surges or overheating. So you gain not only the convenience of traveling, but also the confidence that you are traveling safely.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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