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Adhesive phone accessories

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Increase the functionality of your smartphone in a few easy moves. Convenient adhesive accessories for your phone will give you an extra grip, an alternative wallet or a useful stand that will never get lost. Enjoy easy installation and a variety of possibilities. Take a look at and see what accessories-stickers we have selected for you. 

The most convenient adhesive accessories for your phone

Every smartphone should lie securely in the hand - about this we have no doubt. However, we do not always have control over the circumstances, nor does every device have the right texture. The solution may be adhesive accessories for the phone such as finger grips. Small "rings" with interesting colors will make you grab your device safely. Finger rings are incredibly convenient mainly because you can easily stick them to the desired location - just remove the protective layer and press the gadget to a smooth surface. The simplicity of this option is why more accessories-stickers for phones are created time and time again. Take a look at the following sub-pages and explore more options!

Self-adhesive card case for phone

Self-adhesive phone card case is another solution for people who want to make their lives easier. If you're more likely to carry a smartphone rather than a wallet, be sure to pay attention to these. The super-thin case for credit cards or banknotes will stick to the "back" of the device literally in a few moments. It will not hinder the typical use of the equipment in any way, it will not peel off even if you use the "mobile" intensively, so your precious trinkets are fully safe. The stick-on smartphone cases we have selected are compatible with most phones on the market, so you can easily fit them to your needs. Many models have a non-slip coating that resists dirt and fingerprints.

How to fix self-adhesive smartphone stands?

You will mount stick-on smartphone accessories in a few moments. You do not need any additional equipment or special skills. Wipe the "back" of the phone from any dirt, remove the protective film from the self-adhesive smartphone cradle, press the gadget to the surface of the device and tighten on the corners. Attached in this way, the self-adhesive stand remains stable, will not peel off or move. Their negligible weight and small size mean that you won't feel them on your device, but you will appreciate their presence when you want to position your device in the desired position.

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