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Do you want to pair two devices that have different connectors and you don't have the right cable? Adapters will be the perfect solution. In the Hurtel store you will find adapters with various inputs: USB, USB C, HDMI, AUX or VGA. With their help, you can broadcast audio and video signals, gain access to the network or send your data. We also have less popular Bluetooth, hard drive and network adapters. Or maybe you are looking for a cigarette lighter splitter? Check what we have prepared for you!

Data transfer adapters

Ports from the USB family are the most universal on the market (which is also in their name). Their task is to connect various devices with each other: telephones, computer mice, laptops, headphones ... If you have two seemingly incompatible devices, get to know USB adapters and USB C adapters. They are perfect for both data transfer and power charging. They allow you to connect virtually any device. OTG adapters make it possible, for example, to play mobile games on a smartphone with Xbox or Playstation controllers. And if you have older type connectors in your devices, also check our offer. RS232 adapters will allow you to connect e.g. printers to older PCs.

Adapters will also be a great solution if you care about... wireless connections. Yes, wireless! In our store you will find Bluetooth adapters that will extend the functionality of a laptop or desktop computer with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to such an adapter, you can connect to a computer, e.g. Bluetooth speakers, headphones and gamepads.

Adapters for connecting video and audio signals

You have a monitor with a VGA input, but a laptop equipped with an HDMI connector? Do you need to connect a tablet with a projector? Check out HDMI adapters or VGA adapters - they will allow you to send the image even if you have incompatible devices. This is definitely a cheaper and simpler solution than choosing the right cable. A good quality adapter will ensure that the image will be displayed without delays and quality loss.

Same with the audio signal. If you have an iPhone with a standard Lightning socket and "flea" headphones with a mini jack plug - headphone adapters will be the perfect solution. You don't have to worry about a new purchase of compatible headphones. In the Hurtel store you will find headphone adapters suitable for many connectors, including USB-C, Lightning or 3.5mm mini jack. You will surely find something for yourself.

Less popular but useful adapters

In the Hurtel store you will also find those adapters that are not popular, but definitely win with functionality. A good example is a hard drive adapter that will allow you to connect an HDD or SSD with a SATA interface to your computer - easily and safely, on a Plug & Play basis. It is a guarantee of fast data transfer, reliability and security. You don't need any drivers to use this type of adapter.

Do you drive a lot and often by car? You've probably needed a car camera more than once. To connect it and still be able to use the car charger, use the extremely practical cigarette lighter adapter. The double entrance opens up many new possibilities. See for yourself, I use them!

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