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About Us

Get to know us - Hurtel team

Tiny crumped up desks, dress code, stiff necks and endless procedures... No, it's not about us! Hurtel is not a corporation. It's a wholesale with modern, open-minded management that gathers technology geeks who love not only to follow latest GSM trends, but also create them. We do that by finding niche for unique, exclusive accessories and deliver them to local distributors and ultimately to final customers - both business and retail.

Our headquarters is in Zielona Góra, Międzyrzecka 12, Poland. That's where the magic happens! Our professional care about the store responsiveness, transparency and the products on virtual shelves. Individual sales representatives deal with orders, solve issues and advise about products. At the same time warehouse crew cares about safety of products and their fast shipment.

Our mission?

We don't want to say that the mission of our company is to reach millions of people around the world or revolutionise GSM accessories industry. The truth is a lot more simple. We want to help you reach your goals, no matter if it's supplying your store, implementing new products' range or buying small gift for your grandmother. Your success is our success, even if it's only about making smile someone with a small gadget.

Fast, convenient, specific

We do realise that time is money (especially in commerce), so we do our best to make buying on our website efficient and hassle-free. We strive hard to make our store transparent, products well described and stock levels up-to-date. All this to make it easy for you to find the right products, quickly place order and leave the rest for us!

Going worldwide

We are shipping our products all over the world - from North America, through Europe, and to Middle East. We are direct importer that allows us to skip middlemen and negotiate best prices for you. In our offer you will find both major brands and interesting emerging manufacturers. Something for every customer!

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